Hey there, I’m Victoria Wallis…. thanks for stopping by....

You've probably found this page because you’re trying to build a business from home and you’re looking for a way to do it using the internet.

Are you in network marketing, affiliate marketing or a MLM company that directs you to make a list of 100 close family and friends to approach and you're tired and exhausted of this avenue?

Thinking there must be a easier way!  Well, you're right! There is and this is what I can help you with….

I love helping motivated people generate leads and build their brand online so they can build their business from home.

My business is exactly that. Helping home business owners build their business online giving them time and financial freedom. By using Social Media, Video Marketing and Pay Per Click Advertising (just to name a few).

I can help you find exactly what your target market is looking for, build your list and help you develop your own brand so that your ideal client is attracted to you.

The one thing I pride myself in is honesty.  To help and show you the right way from the beginning. I believe it is the finer hands-on training that will make all the difference.

Bookkeeper/Pub Owner turned Internet Marketer.

From the Beginning......

I was born in Australia where my parents lived on a beautiful property in the country. Unfortunately, when I was only 10 yrs old though, my Dad had to sell the property due to the drought and the following years Dad managed properties and even had a go at leasing a Hotel/Motel for 5 years, which was very successful. I loved it as well, because I loved the social interaction and meeting people from all walks of life!

My Journey Changed........

In late 2006, after my parents passed away, I decided that I’d love to have a change in pace and have my own pub, like my parents did many years before.  I came across a beautiful old country Hotel, on a motorbike ride one day and I loved it so much that I bought the pub!  I ran the hotel for 2 ½ years with many ups and downs. Working 7 days a week & long hours.

In 2013, I was looking for another source of income and I stumbled across a new kind of affiliate program that didn’t require me to engage with leads at all. They did it for me. So I jumped onto it and almost immediately things started to turn around for me, big time.

I also liked the high profit margin, as well as the marketing system the company had developed. The company events are outstanding and really get you fired up! (That's me in the middle behind those two handsome men - the founder of the company Matt Lloyd on the right, and one of the highest paid affiliates, Shaqir Hussyin)

This was my turning point and am now consistently making money each month and people are now contacting me.

What I totally love about my business is travelling and attending events (you meet the most amazing people) and also helping others to achieve their dreams of freedom.

I work my business full-time 4 days a week 3-4hrs per day which gives me the plenty of time to spend doing other things that I love, like walking my dog, Dixie.

So, if you’re looking for someone to help you create a lifestyle and online business that will allow you to achieve financial and time freedom then you’re in the right place.

One of the reasons home business marketers are not making great money is related to marketing issues, such as:

  • ​Not enough leads
  • Not enough quality leads
  • Leads not converting into sales and new members

Can you identify?

Leads are the lifeblood of your business. Just as a farmer needs a reliable water supply to water & feed his cattle, a marketer needs a reliable flow of leads to service his business.

This business isn’t hard to create a full time income from if you have the right mentor, set a goal and take daily action to move you towards your dreams.

Wouldn't it be a beautiful feeling to go into work tomorrow and say to your boss "Sorry boss, but you just can't afford to pay me anymore!  I'm quitting!"  Wooohooo!

Dreams really can come true.  But it's up to YOU to make the decision and to take action to make that dream a reality.

Want to Scale Up Your Business or you're considering starting one?

Cheers!  Victoria Wallis

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