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Attraction marketing is a widely used concept among Internet and network marketers. If you are in the same field, you probably have heard of it a lot of times without totally comprehending what the principle is all about. Since it is almost everybody’s game, understanding what attraction marketing is, is certainly well-worth your time.

The History of Attraction Marketing

It is also termed as reverse marketing. As the term implies, the primary goal is to draw people into one’s business naturally. An Internet and network marketer uses attraction marketing online to ignite his/her audience’s interest, causing the latter to purchase his/her products or join his/her business.

Truth is attraction marketing is an old concept with newly-developed tools and techniques. This is especially true since the birth of the Internet. Back then, advertisers and marketers with the capital to use television, radio, newspaper and other print media to advertise and market their businesses were only the ones who took advantage of attraction marketing. However, with the innovation of the Internet, everyone, including newbie marketers can benefit from attraction marketing tools that they can avail online for free!

While the term “attraction marketing” can be extremely popular among entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s interesting to know that there is a specific attraction marketing formula followed by marketers based from Tim Erway's principles, being the person who planted the ‘attraction marketing' seed of knowledge for the 1st time in the network marketing profession over 12 years ago, launching a movement.

The Attraction Marketing formula includes:

  1. Content marketing (e.g. article marketing)
  2. Lead capture page/s
  3. Email list

With the attraction marketing formula these are the following goals to keep in mind:

  • Identify what people need
  • Provide high quality information to your audience
  • Generate traffic
  • Build one’s or a brand’s credibility
  • Build and maintain relationships with qualified leads, and
  • Have people join your team

Sounds simple doesn't it?  Well, really it is, but you just have to understand that you need to brand YOU and not a company that you are promoting.  You need to build your authority in your niche, whatever that may be, and give people valuable information that they need. Here's a quick video I did to help you…..ignore the tongue at the end lol 🙂

Attraction Marketing Success Formula


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