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Everyone is looking to make a dollar (or two), but because you are my faithful followers and are looking for some honest advice and guidance to make your business grow and flourish, I have provided some totally FREE resources that you might find helpful in your journey to internet marketing success…


Canva is a terrific website where you design your own images.  It's the easiest design program in the world. Canva enables anyone to become a designer! They are really easy to do and I will do a training video for you on it shortly.

Most of my blog post images on my website here have been created with Canva. Some are pretty basic, but you can really get your imagination going and they have tons of free and paid (usually $1USD) templates and photos etc to choose from.

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Traffic Swarm

Traffic Swarm is a terrific site where you can join for FREE!  A traffic exchange means:   other people will look at your ads in exchange for you looking at someone else's ads. And it's free for everyone.

 TrafficSwarm has two main concepts:

1. Create ads for other people to view,

2. Surf (view) ads from other people

Traffic Swarm will do all the work for you!  They will provide you with real Facebook likes, Twitter followers, Google+ followers, YouTube likes and views and Pinterest pins. No bots, No fake accounts, No spam.

If you want to get a jump start on your competition and supercharge your social media campaigns then let them do it all for you and watch the traffic start rolling in!

Click on the the button Below to Check it out and Join TrafficSwarm for FREE!


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Social Media Services

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, YouTube, Linkedin, StumbleUpon and Pinterest.  These social media sites hold most of the cards when it comes to traffic.

Is your social media campaign up to par?

Here are some do's and don'ts for Social Media

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How many people like your facebook page? How many twitter followers do you have? Want to look important? Beef up those numbers.

Periscope is the fairly new Twitter app so I've included this training as well to gain INSTANT ACCESS to a sizzling, red-hot, step-by-step PDF to help you GET 5+ FRESH LEADS PER SCOPE   with the brand new twitter app sensation... Click here to gain access to PERISCOPE!

Nobody watching your YouTube videos? How would 3000 views sound?

What about Snapchat?  Did you ever think you could use Snapchat for business?  Well, you this awesome training.

Do you use Pinterest for your marketing yet? You need to. Then get us to repin whatever you want 100 times. That will get you some traffic.

IBOToolbox_1955IBOToolbox is another Social Media Platform that is totally FREE!

IBOtoolbox has proven itself many times over to be the most dynamic marketing platform on the Internet! The tools and resources are out of this world and it is so exciting to be a part of this amazing community! At IBO it is all about participating and building relationships with other like minded people! This platform outperforms any paid platform anywhere and knowing that IBO is here for the long term makes it even better!

IBOtoolbox is really getting the attention of many internet marketers! Why... because IBO continues to do everything right and it works! There is no black hat SEO tricks, or any of that nonsense going on! The visitors that go to IBO are looking for what you have to offer based on the information you have put into the platform. This is "true" organic search engine traffic, the best kind of traffic you can get! Visitors are arriving at IBO because they have put in search terms that equal what you have written about in your press releases, wall posts and comments you have left. They are actually interested in what you have to offer!

Just click on the image below to sign up for a free account and get cracking!  Ad me as your first contact and I'll guide you in the right direction 🙂

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